Wherever the location starts we will take your guests on a journey. Attention to detail, Location Scouting, Permits, Entertainment, Catering etc

A lovely full service experience…

Our journey

Lyndsey’s background is in marketing, events, product placement and PR. Focused on creating brand heat, marketing strategies and collaboration. Having worked for Hurley and Nike for over a decade Lyndsey was fortunate enough to gain experience producing successful events. Most recently she was responsible for relationship based strategic product placement in the Entertainment Industry. Focused on creating brand heat, marketing strategies and collaboration. Her event experience ranges from corporate to consumer focused to events produced for the Entertainment Industry, each one was carefully thought-out and executed under budget. Flowers go hand-in-hand when creating environments. Flower styling has always been a passion of hers so merging these worlds is an exciting new chapter…


Emily has lead the marketing and creative process for multi-million dollar product launches and evolutions. From a design perspective she has had the pleasure of working with some of the top creatives in photography, interior design and event planners giving her a cultivated eye for design and creating unique environments. She has an incredible talent of taking a client’s personal style and vision and bringing it to life. Additionally, as a graphic designer, she is an expert in Illustrator, In-Design and Photoshop extending a full service creative offering to our clients (invitations, menus, announcements, branding etc.) to personalize any Event Box production. Design Box encompasses all of these graphic elements as well as web design.

Both inspired by curiosity and travel.

Total opposite sense of style = A Balanced Collaborative Team

Emily and Lyndsey are incredibly driven and passionate about what they do. Simply put our motivation is seeing the client’s reaction when they see a Box Creative Agency execution and their visions brought to life right before their own eyes… Marketing and creative consulting whether it’s a brand experience, product launch, a photoshoot or an event production we provide a full service personalized experience with attention to detail to make an impact.


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